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Late Hakim
Dr. Abdul Wahid
Top Ayurvedic Sexologist Doctor in Bangalore

Late Hakim
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Top Ayurvedic Sexologist Doctor in Bangalore

Late Hakim
Dr. Mohammed Sharief Roy

SAGAR DISPENSARY The FIRST Herbal (Unani Ayurveda) Health Care Centrein Bangalore (Karnataka) established bythe most renowned Late Hakim Dr. Mohammed Sharief Roy (M. S. Roy) in the year 1950.

Late Hakim Dr. Mohammed Sharief Roywas a renowned Herbal(Unani Ayurveda) Physician and dedicated his life to the Development and Promotion of Herbal (Unani Ayurveda) Medicine in Karnataka – India.

Late Hakim Dr. Mohammed Sheriff Roy inherited the tradition of practicing Herbal (Unani Ayurveda) from his Father(Late Hakim Dr. Abdul Wahid). Thus, After the demise of Late Hakim Dr. Mohammed Shariff Roy Sagar Dispensary was Succeed by his son Hakim Dr. Basheer Ahmed Roy in the year 1990. Sagar Dispensary provides care and cure using HERBAL (UNANI- AYURVEDA) Medicine.

Sagar Dispensary provides solutions for all kind of Male & Female Sex Problems, Infertility, SexuallyTransmitted Diseases (STD), Skin/Dermal Disorders, Rheumatic Disorders, Stress related health issues, Life style disorders and Hair lose/ Hair Growth via Therapy Counselling/ Non- Surgical Procedures and patent medicine that have been formulated and manufacturedby Hakim Dr. Basheer Ahmed Roy formulas that were inherited by his fatherLate Hakim Dr. Mohammed Sharief Roy.

This Specially Prepared Compound Medications (Advia Murakkabah) consists of a number of highly Expensive herbs, Shrubs, minerals & ores.

All these medications were/are subjected to research and experimentation and the results of them are vindicate.

A Special Careis takenin the preparation of world’s Finest HERBAL MEDICINES. These Medication are prepared under complete Hygiene & are free from undesirable Side Effects

We do not use drugs of any origin (Plants, Animal, Mineral) that are been banned or restricted by the CCRUM (Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine) Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India. Thus, our medication does not have counter sell in any of the authorized Medical Pharmacies in India Or Abroad.

Our Medications are not only recognized and used in India, it is also been accepted and used around the world.

Our medicine is been exported to Different countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Sharjah, Iran, Onam, Canada, Germany, UK, USA, Singapore, Malaysia etc.

Sagar Dispensary Provides service through different way via Personal Consultation in our clinics, postal letters, E-mails and through online consultation form.

""We are providing cure and care to our patients in different ways: through personal consultation at our clinic, through Postal Letters & E-Mails, and through online Consultation Form for our internet savvy patients across the world.""